Monday, June 1, 2009

chimney sweep

The first day back in Charlottesville I am hired to go to work on a house on the Rivanna River in Earlysville for my father. It's a family affair, really. My first task after hauling all my stuff back home from Richmond, (not to mention helping all my friend's move their stuff the day before as well), my dad asks me to help him tear down a chimney. After finishing the 2nd floor on Saturday we took a break and finished the rest on Sunday. After pondering all day how demolishing a chimney is surely a great sculpture I regretted not grabbing my camera on Saturday. Now that I remembered my camera, these are some pics from Sunday.

the wrecking crew

alex, my little brother


rachel, my younger sis

ben, rachel's manly beau

dad, the overseer

the other chimney, to give you an exact replica of what we had to take down

the opening for the chimney after 2nd floor demo was complete

the flu

casualty from a heavy load

quick fix

the 1st floor

way to step it up this time, ben...

about halfway done

the 1st gangway of planks

oh, how quickly we evolve

our dump pile at the beginning of the day

and at the end of the day

a short stump

now just a little spread

all swept up

then i thought i'd take some pictures of the river

the river halfway from the house



nessie's vacation home...

the tall grass