Sunday, May 24, 2009

ahoy! from above or below

This is my last piece from undergrad sculpture with liz king. It's mostly wood, steel, pink foam, and hydrostone and the structure as a whole was quite a feat for me to accomplish in our small studio spaces. The larger structure which is akin to a lifeguard stand is embedded with a kidney bean pool shaped swath similar to either an iceberg, or poured cement, and renders the chair without function. The somewhat humorously short diving board, besides being converse in size, is functional as the artist is asked to bounce unremittingly making the anonymous cube wiggle and hop. Although I wish not to delve too deep, I find both of these an exercise in idle contemplation.

Monday, May 11, 2009

how can you be blue when you've got the greens

Here's a link to a book on one of my later projects at the end of school. This project was a process marinating in my basement for a month before being relived in the fab lobby. Much caretaking, conversating, watering, and growth occurred. You should check out the book, its cheap on lulu but also a free downloadable pdf. I might be posting pictures soon as well.

"Greens Keeper"

Friday, May 8, 2009

goodbye studios...

I have much much remorse in leaving vcu probably most of all because I no longer have their great facilities to exploit. In my deep sorrow I have stitched together this panorama shot of the studios from the viewpoint of my lifeguard stand, a piece of a sculpture I'm still working on. And although I've been bad about keeping this blog updated, I will soon hopefully piece together on here some of the last things I was working on in the studios and hopefully that will lead into things I'm now doing outside of the studio, like starting a band with my little brother!