Tuesday, March 30, 2010

chisel mallet

I made a mallet today, mostly a product of boredom but also because I needed a mallet. I've been using Evan's chisel mallet which was actually his grandfather's who was a woodworker. So in order to abate the wear and tear which is already abundant on this mallet I made one of roughly the same design because it's a shape and size that feels good to me and I'm used to. Here are some pictures of both mallets. Both are oak.

Monday, March 22, 2010

three-legged stool

Just finished a version of a three-legged stool, a design taken from Tage Frid (widely considered the dean of woodworking teachers in America, originally from Denmark then came to The U.S. when the American Crafts Council asked him to start the first woodworking program here after WWII, also taught at RIT and RISD for years). This is my favorite design of his and I may be doing a run of a few of these very soon. This one is oak from some reclaimed beams my father gave me with wenge wedges and a simple Tung oil finish.

Oh Tage...such a goofball.

-from my little helper