Friday, August 14, 2009

keeping up the shop in Frankford

So, I finally made the move up to Philly for a woodworking apprenticeship with a cool dude named Evan. (Def check out his shit which is undoubtedly the tytetron: And for now I'm sleeping in the shop, working for him during the day and just picked up a busboy job near Center City at night. Doesn't leave a lot of time to make work or to make any friends for that matter, both of which are non-existent so far. If you guys, you readers (whom I fear are just as well non-existent), know any Philly connects give me a ring. Regardless, here are some pics of Evan's ridiculously chron shop I now have access to. Also there are some pics of work I've been doing for Evan. Also if you have not read East of Eden do so right now. Steinbeck is my personal shaman.